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In 2016 a band, Panda House, was formed by guitarist/singer Robert Johnson and drummer Anthony Brass. With similar tastes in music , and a goal to create original tunes, the duo hit it off! Innovative bassist, James Dunstan, joined the band shortly after, along with synth player Chad Golda. The four recorded two albums together; "Ursa Artem" & "Explorers". Each album was recorded by Hamtramck legend, Adam Cox.

After their sophomore album, Golda left the group and the remaining members went on to write a third album during the pandemic. While recording new music by themselves, they auditioned several singers for the band. Tobias Hardon distinguished himself and soon became close friends with the group. He went on to record his own licks on guitar and his nostalgic yet new-wave vocal harmonies to the newly recorded songs. In 2022, their third album "Enjoy Your Habitat" was manifested!

As their third album circulated the air waves, they were already writing new material. Each song, curating a culmination of math-rock, post-rock, punk, post-hardcore, and all the emo music that drove them to making music in the first place. With their newest album, “Someday When We’re Younger” they are able to breathe new life into those nostalgic memories of midnight evenings listening to your favorite music. Again, with the help of Adam Cox in studio, the album is as polished as it is emotional. Panda House has found their sound and they want everyone to hear it!


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