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Detroit, Midwest Emo, Math Rock band, Panda House was formed in 2015 by guitarist/singer Robert Johnson and drummer Anthony Brass. Their initial goal with the band was to create what ever music style came through them. Having a similar taste in music, the dual hit it off naturally. Innovative bassist, James Dunstan joined the band shortly after, along with synth player Chad Golda. The four recorded two albums together; "Ursa Artem" & "Explorers". Each album was recorded by Hamtramck Legend, Adam Cox. After their sophomore album, Golda left the group and the remaining members went on to write a third album during the pandemic. After having most of the music recorded by themselves, they reached out to several singers to audition for the band. Tobias Hardoin distinguished himself from the rest and easily became natural friends with the group. He went on to record his own licks on guitar and his nostalgic yet new-way vocal harmonies to the newly recorded songs. Thus, in 2022 their third album "Enjoy Your Habitat" was manifested!


The band has played at countless Detroit and Metro-Detroit venues and seeks to expand their listeners to a broader arena. But most of all, they aim to evolve their music and create many more innovative tunes.

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