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In 2016, Panda House was founded by guitarist/singer Robert Johnson and drummer Anthony Brass, both sharing a penchant for music creation and original composition. Bassist James Dunstan swiftly joined their ranks, followed by synth player Chad Golda. Together, the quartet produced two albums, "Ursa Artem" and "Explorers," predominantly recorded under the guidance of esteemed producer Adam Cox at Hamtramck Sound Studios in Hamtramck, MI.

Following the departure of Golda post their sophomore release, the remaining members embarked on crafting a third album amid the pandemic. Concurrently, they conducted auditions for a vocalist, ultimately selecting Tobias Hardoin, who not only integrated seamlessly into the group but also contributed his distinctive guitar licks and nostalgic yet contemporary vocal harmonies to the newly recorded tracks. In 2022, their third album, "Enjoy Your Habitat," was unveiled, followed by the release of their fourth album, "Someday When We’re Younger," in June of 2023.


As their third album gained traction, Panda House was already engaged in the creative process, composing new material that encapsulated elements of math-rock, post-rock, punk, post-hardcore, and emo, reflecting their musical roots and inspirations. With "Someday When We’re Younger," they revitalized cherished memories of midnight music-listening sessions, delivering an emotionally resonant and meticulously produced record, once again with the expert assistance of Adam Cox. Now firmly entrenched in their musical identity, Panda House embarked on their inaugural Midwest tour, with ongoing efforts focused on their forthcoming fifth album, slated for release in March of 2024.


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